Which Advertising Agency in Regina is the Most Social?

If you love marketing as much as I do you probably follow the Ad Agencies in town here quite closely.  Even more interesting is how they are adopting the online world of marketing, which lead me to a few questions I needed an answer to. “Which one is the best online?  Who’s the most social?  Who has an effective online strategy?” In this post I attempt to answer these.

To the agencies, please, please, PLEASE don’t be offended by this post.  My intent is not to offend but to understand how you think and where you are headed in your online strategy.  Also, if you finished last in any of the measurements maybe it’s time to start getting a little more social. 😉

The Agencies:

Brown Communications Group

MGM Communications

Phoenix Group

Bravo Tango

Look Matters

Adspark Communications

One the most universal website metrics on the internet is Google PageRank.  Named after Google co-founder Larry Page, Google PageRank assigns every website that Google crawls a number between 0 and 10.  The higher the number the more authority that website has on the internet (better the chance you are found via a Google search for a higher PageRanked site).


Website domains linking to your website are a very important factor in how you will rank in search engines.  Doing some research one can find the amount of linking domains to all these sites.  It shouldn’t surprise you that Look Matters with a Page Rank of 5 has the most linking to their site.  Nice work Look Matters!


The next metric I used was website grader.  It is a number between 1 and 100 determined by many factors that this tools measures on your website.  Find out your website grade at WebsiteGrader.com.


The next metric we use is BlogGrader.com to compare the effectiveness of each blog.  It’s pretty easy to see that the only two agency’s who have a below average Website Grade don’t have a blog either.  What a fascinating coincidence.  Adspark has the highest rated blog out of the agencies. (When I first compiled blog grade I used the number in Website Grader, if you dig deeper and view the full blog grader report the numbers are significantly different.  Thanks Dave Bellerive for catching this.)


Next we look at Facebook Likes.  I know Facebook Likes are not technically as good as a measurement as the online tools but hey, it’s tough to get people to like a business page, let’s see how the agencies stack up.

Adspark comes out of the woodwork here and take the most popular Facebook page.  Nice work fellas!

Finally we take a look at Twitter.  The two metrics we’ll use are TweetGrader.com and Klout.com.  Personally I like Klout much better.  The analysis of your Twitter account within Klout serves as a great benchmark of how effective you actually are on Twitter.


Agency-Klout-ScoreAs you can see, Klout is a much more accurate scoring metric and I would suggest using it to benchmark your own progress on Twitter.  Even though Bravo Tango doesn’t have a blog or a Facebook page, they consistently engage on Twitter, being the only agency I’ve actually debated with a few times now.  A well deserved top Klout score for the Bravo Tango team.

I think it’s quite obvious who the least social agency is (ehem, MGM).  Look Matters takes the cake for the best website presence, best blog and with a great showing on Facebook. I think I have to give the most Social award to Look Matters.  I really like how Bravo Tango represents themselves on Twitter, for that I think they are would finish near the top.  But you can’t discount the fact that Adspark’s Facebook page is busy, also people are actually engaging on some of the posts on their wall.

It will be very interesting to do this report again in six months and see if any agency has made progress.

So what do you think?  How does your website stack up?  Are you more social than the agencies?

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  1. Jaco
    Jaco says:

    Hey Jeph! Not to brag, but we got these agencies beat! LOL.

    Google Page: 6.2 (Highest)
    Inbound Links: 115 (2nd)
    Website grade is 96 (Highest)
    Blog Grade: 61 (Highest w. Look Matters)
    Facebook Likes: 1,831 (Highest)
    Tweet Grade: 93 (Highest)
    Klout: N/A (Klout.com is down)
    Dan & Dwu (Always The Highest)

  2. Jeph Maystruck
    Jeph Maystruck says:

    Jaco I don’t know where you got your Pagerank from but from two different places I have you at a 5. Sorry bud. Your Klout score is 33 so you and Look Matters are pretty close. Except for Facebook, you guys kick some serious social media ass on Facebook. Nice work.

  3. Derek Wu
    Derek Wu says:

    Not to dilute what Jaco has commented, but I think it is our (www.squareflo.com) duty to be good at all of the above. If we weren’t on top of those measurables, we wouldn’t have work nor the reputation that we do. I think what you’ve done here Jeph is great. Potential clients or those that utilize agencies should be doing this research for themselves regardless. You’ve just made this easier for them.

    The good thing for some of these agencies who aren’t necessarily scoring that well, is that they can creep up the ladder on all of those measurables if they just put the work into it. At Squareflo, we have always kept our eye on these variables, as we know that this will allow our clients to find us easier and see how we utilize our “social” status to leverage more work. The biggest fear however, is the more “social” a company is, the more susceptible you are to hindering that “social”ness. 1 bad tweet, 1 bad F’book status or even the wrong photo, could push a company over the edge.


  4. Jaco
    Jaco says:

    You’re right Jeph. My mistake, I thought you took the MOZ Rank, shown by websitegrader.com, which upon closer inspection is not the same as one’s Google Rank.

    Thanks for looking up our Klout Score. Good to know.

    Keep up the good work.


  5. Jeph Maystruck
    Jeph Maystruck says:

    David, I was using the Blog Grade that We site Grader gives you. When you click on “view full report on Blog Grader” you get a substantially different score. Thanks ever so much for pointing this out. It actually changed the numbers on two of the other agencies as well. Thanks for reading!


  6. David Bellerive
    David Bellerive says:

    And another thing.. (ha ha) Just want to point out one thing which may not be evident to your readers. Phoenix Group does not link back on websites we build for clients. Many companies who build websites, put the “built by”, with links back to their own sites. These link backs really improve Google rankings. It shows pride in their work and I commend that. We choose not do this, which hurts our Google and link backs, but we believe it can be a distraction for the brand or message.

    That said, this is illuminating. We will work to improve!


  7. Zlatan
    Zlatan says:

    Hello Jeph,

    Thanks for doing this research. I am obviously very happy about our score locally. However, I hope that all agencies and non-agencies (SquareFlo) will strive to make Saskatchewan a hub for great work nationally. We have a lot of good talent and great people working in our industry and I think we will see more national work coming our way.

    It would be interesting to see how we stack up against national agencies.


  8. Jaco
    Jaco says:

    David, as far as I know links from sites on the same server as your own site are not considered quality back links. That would be to easy! We simply do it to show that we did the project with the hope to get more work. Not for SEO purposes.


  9. Baikman
    Baikman says:

    Interesting post that has a lot of people talking. Unfortunately it also has a lot of people equating “most social” with “best”. Not saying anything bad about any of the agencies on here, regardless of where they rank, just want to make sure people are seeing this for what it is.

  10. Derek Leverington
    Derek Leverington says:

    Jeff, this was a good round-up and a great idea for a post.

    The agencies in this market have made definite strides to be connected. That’s a good thing. Is anyone pulling work out of Montreal or Toronto because our Klout score is higher than our moms’. I doubt it. I think all of the agencies on the list could make a compelling argument to an existing or prospective client that they have the expertise and experience to get them results in the social space. In that sense, I’m seeing a lot of parity now whereas this definitely seemed a lot more bleeding edge not that long ago. That’s also good thing in my view. I’d be concerned to see social media work head out of province because clients didn’t have confidence in local expertise.

    Although I’d love to think it was, but I haven’t observed that social business is radically transforming all of our clients’ business in this market just yet. Or if it is, many clients are slow to acknowledge it. If it truly was, I wouldn’t still be wagging my finger at decision-makers who still don’t have Facebook accounts. It’s hard to believe in 2011 that I’m still having some of the conversations I do about things that should have happened long ago in terms of getting off the sidelines. Apparently the allure of “joining the conversation” is still lost on some. Go figure.

    The brands we’re all working with day to day are largely regional, and the reach of social is still substantially less than what you can pay for in traditional channels or paid advertising in general. This is one of the challenges that we face in our market. We don’t have a population of 50 million people where even a small percentage of users engaging with a brand in social media really does start to ad up to a significant population of users and you can really sell the return on investment to senior levels in the organization. In this sense, the engaged community of online users in Saskatchewan on some days can feel like a small town.

    Anyhow, metrics are a good thing so thanks again for this post Jeff. It’s definitely good for us to have a mirror held up to our efforts. I’m sure you’d also acknowledge this too, but the numbers can only speak to so much. Captive Audience’s Klout score for their Twitter account is only 14 but I think those guys definitely have a sniff about social.

    At the end of the day, the Kool-Aid tastes great but it’s all has to tie back to business objectives and bottom line. Sipping a cappuccino and tweeting “RT @mashable” from Atlantis on an iPad sounds likely fun but it doesn’t pay the bills on its own. We just flipped on a Facebook page a few weeks ago to have a bit more fun with the paper dolls we’re doing on our outdoor. Who knows? If it plateaus at 100 fans for too long I might shut it off and take up blogging again. We’ll see.

    The business is constantly changing these days, there’s always something to keep on top of and it’s going to be that way for the foreseeable future and I believe there are lots of disruptions to come. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

    Anyhow, it was great to see everyone chime in. Again, great idea for a post, Jeff. Let’s do this again sometime.

    Oh, and I’m with Dave on the inbound link topic. That’s just not how we roll either.

  11. Mike Klein
    Mike Klein says:


    Thanks for the interesting post. One measure of how social an agency is could be how much they are ‘listening’ online. Kudos to those groups who chimed in on the comments. To the others, I wonder how long it will be before they discover this conversation online?


  12. Jay Roach
    Jay Roach says:

    Interesting article! Great scores SquareFlo! Neat that we got the highest blog and facebook likes considering our small size. I’d be interested to see the stats on which agencies are the most active with providing social media strategy and management services, and the successes of those campaigns. Page rank and back links are interesting stats especially in relation to search. We have the low scores there, but we’re pretty happy about our position on Google when people search for advertising agencies! Thanks Jeff.

  13. Jeph Maystruck
    Jeph Maystruck says:

    Zlatan – Thanks and you’re welcome, keep up the great work.

    Baikman – I also hope no one concludes that the most social agency is the best. However, when companies are looking for some online assistance with say blogging, the odds they’ll choose an agency that doesn’t have a blog compared to one that has been blogging for a few years is slim to nill. I think this is just a starting point for most of these agencies, it will be interesting to see this study performed again in 6 months.

    Derek L – Thanks for the thoughts. I believe all these agencies (including your own) will continue to research down the path of social media as your clients will ask about it more and more as the growth continues. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy for any of you. But as in any large media revolution, there comes along opportunities that allow the forward thinking to take advantage of where they see technology going. I would take these metrics with a ‘grain of salt’, you’re right, Captive doesn’t have a good Klout score but they have a positive marketing image in our city. If what you are doing is working, why change? For them, they just need to keep doing what they are doing and I think the feedback would suggest they are as good as we think they are.. I bet they have their own measurement system to track success or they wouldn’t be as successful as they are. It all comes down to measurement.
    My purpose of this post was to get people thinking about the metrics more, compare yourself to your competition, face the brutal facts. It is only when you accept feedback you can begin to grow and I think our industry needs to take more feedback and get a better understanding of how to use marketing in ways to help organizations.
    Cheers my friend.

    Mike – as of now, only two agencies have yet to post in the comments, one of them may not even know this is exists. Well, that’s if they don’t have Google Alerts ;). Thanks for stoppin’ by.

    Jay – Thanks a lot, and Adspark has an impressive online presence, if I were the larger agencies I would be looking towards proving some of their online tactics work, as you suggest in your comment. I think in the future we will see more and more cases of “how we did it” in the social, until then, keep up the great content ; ).

  14. Harley Rivet
    Harley Rivet says:

    Interesting analysis. Kudos to you for taking the time. I think Derek’s thoughts really resonated. Social media and digital channels in general are something I’ve noticed every agency getting better at. Even if clients are not ready for it I think agencies utilizing social media is good for their own business development.

  15. Josh Marley
    Josh Marley says:

    Looking at this from an outsider’s perspective – none of this matters if it isn’t getting people in the door. Quality of work and effectiveness of marketing and advertising is paramount to how many people in your advertising agency use twitter. I’d tell them to get back to work and make my presence stronger.

  16. Jeph Maystruck
    Jeph Maystruck says:

    Josh – how do you measure quality of work and effectiveness of marketing and advertising and relate it to how someone Tweets? Just curious I guess, because I think you’re talking about something totally different than what this post is about. I am not comparing which agency is more effective, just which utilizes the social platforms. I do respect that you rule with an iron fist, telling your staff to “make my presence stronger” is definitely a way to create rapport within your company. Thanks for reading!

  17. Joe van Heerden
    Joe van Heerden says:

    Hey Jeph,

    Good Article, I have read it twice on separate occasions. Keep up the good work buddy, you and all the comments, from everyone else, are definitely keeping me occupied during my down time at work.


  18. Julia
    Julia says:

    Nice post which Bravo Tango represents themselves on Twitter, for that I think they are would finish near the top. But you can’t discount the fact that Adspark’s Facebook page is busy, also people are actually engaging on some of the posts on their wall. Thanks a lot for posting this article.

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