Episode #1 – Your Corporate Twitter Account is Boring

Episode 1 – The Marketing Revolution Podcast – Your Corporate Twitter Account is Boring!  <– Click here

In this episode @Lindenwilcock and @Kiltedbroker join myself for a conversation on corporate and local Twitter accounts.  Should you have a separate company Twitter account?  Why not? If all you’re using Twitter for is another mega phone to “get your message out there”, please stop.  You’re wasting your time.  The solution conceptually is quite simple.  Just add value, that’s it.  Conceptually simple but realistically very difficult because we perceive value differently and what one person loves another may hate.  So how do you implement the right strategy?

We talk about @TeamGBIS, @reginapolice @ReginaSymphony @EarlsVicEast @codaclothing @HickoryGrill what’s good about some of these accounts and a couple stories on what not to do.


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