#InTheLab a weekly marketing video series filmed and edited by Eddy Alvaro

We’ve been busy over at Strategy Lab!! At the start of 2015 we decided to film a short clip every week on a variety of topics. Usually about marketing or some story that deal with business. Below are a couple of my favourites:


7 Things You Can Start Doing Today That Will Make Your Life better


get the flooing you've always wanted-hardwood flooring regina

Just ideas that you can actually use in your life. Start saying hi to strangers, change your wallpaper on your computer and cell phone to something inspiring. Keep changing your salutation on your emails to something that will make the other person smile. Those and many more!!

Episode 15 – In this one I explain why I give away Stickers

I love to give away things that you can put up in your office that will remind you of how awesome you really are.

Remember youre better than you think you are

Don’t you just love a good sticker? Putting meaningful messaging around you in your day to day is a wise endeavour. It can inspire those around you, give the people who visit your office something to read and think about.

It's about lighting the fire not fililng the glass


Episode 13 – Education is broken, lets fix it

In this post I’ve included the best Ted talks on education reform. We all have to do our part in pushing to improve our education.

Random Acts of Lottery Tickets - Strategy lab


Episode 9 – Why I give away lottery tickets regularly

In this episode I talk about lottery tickets, why I gave em away and why they work so good at being an unbelievably effective social object.



Episode 5 – Everything in life can be made better

In this episode we discuss a frame of mind, a lens to see the world through, a helpful way to allow yourself to make everything better. It’s a pretty powerful concept.

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