Lottery Kiosk Choice Architecture

I love reading about choice architecture over at the Nudge blog, I just happen to find a local example.

There are hundreds of lottery kiosks in Saskatchewan.  Pretty much every gas station and convenience store offers lottery tickets.  You wouldn’t think any of these places where you buy your lottery tickets differentiate at all but I found one.

At Superstore on Rochdale blvd. the lottery kiosk offers a small incentive to come check lottery tickets there.  Usually when you check a lottery ticket and it isn’t a winner you throw it in the trash.  At the Superstore lottery kiosk you put your name on the back of it and enter a draw for a prize.  Doesn’t seem like much does it?  But would you rather have no chance at winning the draw or at least a small chance?  I know I’d take the latter.



In an industry that offers a commodity (something you can find anywhere for the same price) this lottery kiosk has created an incentive to become a repeat customers.  Choice architecture is underrated and growing in importance.

What small incentive you could offer your customers so they’ll want to come back again and again?

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