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The Philosophy: Permission Marketing (definition) is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to receive them.

The Strategy: Developing Social Objects (definition) is something worth talking about, it’s the reason you tell somebody about something, it’s the topics and stories we talk about.  If it’s interesting enough that you want to share it with someone then it’s a Social Object.

The Tactics: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogging, E-mail, Video blog, Podcasts, Picture blog, Google Adwords, etc.

I now work with a company (we founded it in 2012) called Strategy Lab Marketing. We work with companies Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba. We believe in working together to create Social Objects for your target audience to share.  Essentially, your word-of-mouth marketing strategy.  Social media is the vehicle we use to spread the word-of-mouth.


“The Social Object, in a nutshell, is the rea­son two peo­ple are tal­king to each other, as oppo­sed to tal­king to some­body else. Human beings are social ani­mals. We like to socia­lize. But if you think about it, there needs to be a rea­son for it to hap­pen in the first place. That rea­son, that “node” in the social net­work, is what we call the Social Object.”

Together we develop your permission marketing strategy based on a methodology that has been adapted over the past three years.  My most successful clients follow this methodology to consistently improve their online marketing effectiveness.  I help out a lot in the beginning of the implementation then after a few months you are managing it yourself.

It begins with research.  We must know exactly who your target clientele is, and I’m sorry, you don’t market to “everyone”.  You’ll learn how to navigate the internet more efficiently and find better information.  Smart companies have an education strategy in place so they don’t get “Blockbuster” syndrome (if you know what I mean).  Click here to learn more about research.

Next is engage Find where your audience hangs out and help them in some way.  This may be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or via e-mail.  We develop your engagement strategy together and implement it together.  Click here to learn more about your engagement strategy.

After you begin to engage, you must create.  Together we determine the best possible way to tell your story online.  Be it a blog, podcast, pictures or video, the world is waiting to hear your story, lets create something amazing.  Click here to learn more about creating something amazing.

Finally, the only way to get better is to measure.  We develop a measurement strategy that measures what’s important to the success of your business.  By setting clear, measurable, short and long term outcomes, it’s much easier to see what’s important in your marketing mix and what you need to focus on. Click here to learn more about measurement.

These are all the different aspects of your online marketing strategy that we go over during our weekly/ bi-weekly meetings.

To Understand How I Can Help You, Feel Free To Download These White-Papers

Marketing Frameworks – Visionary Strategy From Built To Last

(What are you doing to invest for the future while doing well today?  Does your company adopt innovative new methods and technologies before the rest of the industry?  How do you respond to downturns? Does your company continue to build for the long-term even during difficult times?  Do your people understand that comfort is not the objective-that life in a visionary company is not supposed to be easy?  Does your company reject doing well as an end goal, replacing it with the never-ending discipline of working to do better tomorrow then it did today?  What “mechanisms of discontent” can you create that would obliterate complacency and bring about change and improvement from within, yet are consistent with your core ideology?  How can you give these mechanisms sharp teeth?) 

Marketing Frameworks – Your Core Business Strategy

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