What do Keg Party’s and Great Products Have in Common?

You want to share the experience.

When you hear someone is having a keg party the host of it does not have to try to get you to come. She doesn’t have to sell you on the party, she doesn’t have to advertise to get people to come. The keg sells the party.  No one wants to miss a Keg party.

Great products are much like keg parties–you want to tell others about them. They are not your regular products; they are different in some special way. Clever advertising doesn’t need to be used to sell them.  A large part of your budget doesn’t need to go towards “branding”. Spending large amounts of money to tell everyone about your product is not an efficient long-term strategy. Instead, why not focus on your keg?

What feature is too good to be true? What will people tell their friends about?  If you can’t answer those questions, you don’t need advertising, you need to rethink your product.

In today’s business environment you must constantly be trying to create an experience that is memorable, share-able and easy to talk about.

Maybe for a month stop advertising altogether and put that money towards creating a new and improved experience for your customers.  We could all use more keg parties.

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