56 uses of social media in Saskatchewan

  1. Instead of “news” build your own RSS reader
  2. Begin following local bloggers in your RSS reader and keep searching for new ones
  3. Challenge a local blogger, disagree, leave a comment
  4. Offer to write a guest post for a local blogger
  5. Offer to write a guest post for an industry specific blog
  6. Hold a local specific contest (Treasure hunt via Facebook?)
  7. Start a local restaurant review site, make it fun
  8. Ask for feedback of your product/service via Twitter
  9. Offer to take pictures at an event and start a Flickr account for them
  10. Host a picture contest
  11. Host a picture caption contest for other businesses
  12. Encourage patrons to take a picture of their meal and share it online for 25% off the meal
  13. Tell stories about your product on a blog
  14. Host a community blog with many different contributers
  15. Start selling your product on Facebook
  16. Encourage employees to offer reviews of the company via LinkedIn
  17. Start a local trivia blog (written, video, picture)
  18. Offer free products/services to people with lots of friends on Facebook
  19. Put your website on all printed material
  20. Put your Twitter name in places where no one would expect to see it (get creative with this one)
  21. Put your blog and Twitter name on the inside of a box of donuts and deliver them to potential readers
  22. Put your blog, vlog, landing page or video in your e-mail signature
  23. Start a collection of local website on Delicious, sort them in a meaningful way
  24. Host an online garage sale
  25. Host an actual garage sale via Ustream
  26. Add you company to Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp and any other geo-location service
  27. Offer different deals on Foursquare, see what works
  28. Host a city wide treasure hunt via Foursquare
  29. Host a 24 hour Foursquare challenge
  30. Leave an unbelievable “deal” on Yelp and see who takes you up on it
  31. Document the entire Foursquare challenge on YouTube
  32. Do a video production of your safety manual
  33. Record the “Monday morning announcements” on YouTube, make them fun
  34. Set up Google alerts to monitor your company’s name being mentioned
  35. Add you business to Google maps (seems simple but many people overlook this one)
  36. Give me a reason to go to your website daily
  37. Host a local “Tweet-up”
  38. Offer to begin a Twitter account for a large local event
  39. Setup an your automatic e-mail the next time you’re on holidays to say “you’re only responding to requests on Twitter”
  40. Have a video contest, offer a large cash prize
  41. Make a video explaining everything about your organization
  42. Make a video about a different employee every day until you run out of employees
  43. Start a YouTube channel for your company and post a video per week about industry specific topics
  44. UStream your Friday at the office
  45. UStream a different place/person in your office weekly
  46. Have a “submit question” box on your homepage, answer every question that comes in
  47. Submit a fascinating story to Digg and Stumble Upon once a week
  48. Sell T-shirts on your home page for charity, let people vote on the charity
  49. Start a Foodbank challenge with one of your competitors, document everything on a picture blog
  50. Create an interactive fundraising tool on your website
  51. Encourage all of your staff to fill out their entire profile on LinkedIn, make it a company wide activity
  52. Host an appreciation BBQ for the employee of the month, video tape it and post all the pleasant things said on your company blog
  53. Start an e-mail newsletter and fill it with the most helpful information/links in your industry
  54. Recognize employees who go above and beyond on your company blog
  55. Put your Twitter name on a billboard by a busy street
  56. Give free coffee to everyone downtown who becomes a fan of yours on Facebook

This is just the beginning of what you could do, the possibilities are endless.  Have anymore you want to share?  Please do!

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