A QR Code is Not a Marketing Strategy

For the past month I’ve heard a lot of buzz in Regina over QR codes.  Some companies have already used a QR code in their advertising and I would be very curious to see the results.  It’s a tactic of the future and companies that use QR codes are looked upon by the general public as being “ahead of the curve” and “very forward thinking”.  Personally I would disagree until they prove to me why it’s beneficial within the organization’s marketing strategy.

Yes it has seen major growth over the past year but if you’ve ever tried to use one you’ll understand my frustration.  Mark Schaefer over at Grow wrote this great post on QR Codes, QR Codes Have the Beer Can Problem, not only an informative post but a lot of comments that disagree with him as well. It seems as if the marketing community is undecided on QR Codes, Japan uses them regularly but let’s face it, here in Saskatchewan some people still “don’t get this Face Book thing”. How are you going to get people to scan a new type of bar code on their own?

Until I see a large demand for more QR codes or an easy way to do it (the app comes with all new smart phones perhaps) I can’t see this tactic exploding in usage.  Please, before you say “We need a QR code promotion!” understand why you are doing it and understand how to measure it.

What are your thoughts?  Have you used a QR Code before?

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