Episode #5 – What Does The Vintage Tea Room & The Imax Have In Common?

Episode 5 – Collette & Greg on Imax Popcorn and Future of Social Media <–Click Here

This one goes for almost an hour long, I’d suggest putting it on in the background and doing something else on your computer (or download it in iTunes and listen in your car).  There’s some very smart points made on the future of social media and marketing in general, you’ll want to hear what Collette and Greg have to say.  Enjoy.

I had an absolute pleasure talking to Greg (@Hluska) and Collette (@colletteparks), both are quite fascinating individuals.  I met them on Twitter and since have seen them at Tweetups, and have lunch from time to time.  Greg is the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors but really has a love for entrepreneurship and web development.  Educated as a marketer but really in an technology practitioner.  You’ll enjoy the stories Greg shares in this podcast. Visit Greg’s website www.Hluska.ca.

Collette Parks is the Manager of Marketing & Communications at the Saskatchewan Science Centre.  She’s a very smart marketing professional that takes a different approach to social media.  See her website here: www.ColletteParks.com. When she started on Twitter with the Science Centre she listened to what local people were saying and tried to determine ways she could add to their conversations.  Collette also approaches Facebook differently as she believes it’s an entirely different audience then Twitter.  Take note (this is very smart). and she has taken Facebook on as her 2012 project.

In this Podcast we talk about:

  • Does everyone need a Twitter account?
  • What types of businesses could a Twitter account really benefit
  • How Mom and Pop shops could utilize Twitter
  • At the core of social media is word-of-mouth, if you’re good, people will tell people about you.  If you suck, people will tell many other people that you suck
  • Greg tells the story of an amazing magazine he started and transformed some lives while doing so
  • Collette tells her story of meeting astronaut Chris Hadfield
  • We also talk about how Collette knows one of my favorite authors Julien Smith
  • Julien wrote The Flinch – it’s free on your Kindle or Kindle app
  • Collette’s thoughts about Social Media summed up: “Don’t worry about what you’re supposed to be doing, just do what you think makes sense to you, share what you’d want to see.” Brilliant, simply brilliant.
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