How Do I Get More Exposure?

How do I get my brand in front of more people? How do I create more awareness for my product? How can I tell more people about my services?

I’ve been hearing these questions more and more as of late and whenever I get asked I always reply the same way.

You don’t.

Trying to put “your brand” in front of more people is a bad business strategy unless you’re Wal-Mart (the proverbial average products for everyone).  It’s a fact, most people don’t care about your brand and by trying to put your product in front of more people you are just going to piss off more people.

It always reminds me of this video:

Why wouldn’t you determine where your potential customers are and try to help them in some way? Gain trust first. Once you have earned trust then and only then ask for permission to sell to them.

The majority of mass media is non-targeted, pay for the amount of people you can interrupt to advertise to them.  Does anyone really “like” to be advertised to anymore? Other than the Super Bowl, it’s loosing it’s luster.

This is the salutation on my e-mail right now:

“Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who do not.“   -Seth Godin

Every time you ask “how do I get more exposure?” a small baby penguin dies.

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