Is Your Brand a Ford or a Porsche?

This is a guest post written by Brin Werrett from RockStar Homes.

Successfully sell your brand and your products will sell themselves.

Every business has a product and most, arguably, have a brand. Pick up any of the latest marketing books and you’ll hear that some of the most successful companies in the word don’t sell you products. They sell you a brand. Call it “Brand Fans” or whatever you want, but there’s a distinct difference in how these companies do business and how their customers perceive their products.

Think about your car. What do you drive? Do you drive an Escape or a Mercedes? A Lexus or a Navigator? A BMW or Venza?
See the difference?

Some companies like Ford and Toyota design their products and marketing efforts to reach a particular segment of the market, like the newest Cobalt car or Tundra truck. Meanwhile, some of the higher valued brands simply want to sell you a Mercedes or Lexus, no matter which model that may be. Rather than clever names for each model, these companies simply name their products with letters and numbers such as the CX330 and X90. Even Ford, who commonly names their models with names such as Fusion and Escape, has achieved great success with their F-150. Many F-150 truck owners often simply refer to their vehicles as a “Ford”.

Below is one of my favorite commercials:

As in the video, companies like Porsche want to sell you on the idea that you’re a Porsche customer. Don’t worry about the actual car or SUV you like. Once they’ve got you as a “brand fan”, you’ll find the right Porsche that suits you best… whether it’s today or twenty years from now. Not much different that Apple, Louis Vuitton and others.

As REALTORS®, my team, Rockstar Homes, aims our marketing efforts to find fans that buy into our brand, not the properties we have for sale. If I can successfully sell a buyer on the idea of me being their agent, together we’ll find the right home that suits them. This helps to create customers that refer us forward and maintains strong relationships for future business down the road.

Successfully sell your brand and your products will sell themselves.

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