It’s The Unexpected Things We (Consumers) Remember

I’ve needed windshield washer fluid for almost a month. Well not really “needed” per se, every now and then when I slammed on the brakes the windshield washer fluid light would come on. So during winter I probably had a couple months left in her.  Any who.

I knew when it got warmer out I would need more fluid in my car. The past couple days have been nice out and I’ve been using my windshield washer fluid quite sparingly because I though soon I’d have to stop and do the whole windshield washer fill er upper rig-a-ma-roll. But as I used more and more of the precious liquid on my dirty windshield the low windshield washer fluid light didn’t even flicker. This couldn’t be, what was going on. I was perplexed. Was my car producing organic windshield washer fluid?  Could you even imagine?

That wasn’t it at all.

I went for an oil change a couple weeks ago at Quick Lane in Regina. They had filled my car with windshield washer fluid without telling me.  This time I really appreciated that. You might think it’s pretty common among oil change places to do that but they also give you a coupon for a free car wash so the next time you get your oil changed you can get a free car wash as well. Double awesome.

I like getting things that I don’t expect to receive, I bet you do too. If you want to delight customers and make them come back again and again, do something they’d never expect.

Good on you Quick Lane.

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