My Top 10 Podcasts

My friend Colter (@Codaclothing) asked a bunch of us to submit our favorite albums of 2009 to put up on his website.  Knowing that the song from the Amazon Kindle commercial or Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance will probably be vying for top spot so I thought I’d take a different approach.

Below are my top 10 Free Podcast’s with links to get them in your iTunes.  Enjoy!

  1. Malcolm Gladwell on Spaghetti Sauce – One of the best story tellers and authors of our day, this talk is almost six years old and still applies today.
  2. Seth Godin on Standing Out – an oldie but a classic, Seth is one of the foremost minds in marketing today having authored eleven books and is a captivating presenter.
  3. Stochasticity“A wonderfully slippery and smarty-pants word for randomness.” This is the explanation on the site of what Stochasticity means.  Very interesting podcast that you’re sure to find some tidbits to chat about around the water cooler.
  4. Dan Pink on the Surprising Science of Motivation – From the famous Ted conference this talk will change your mind on how to motivate people in the work place.  The surprising part is I think most people actually think the opposite of what research shows us.
  5. Deception – Why we lie, where it comes from; the startling science of deception.  This one includes a couple stories that’ll have you “white knuckled” on your steering wheel. Listen with caution.
  6. Numbers – a mind-blowing show on numbers, where they came from, why we use them and a some facts I bet you never knew.
  7. Seth Godin on the Tribes we Lead – Based on a book he wrote, Mr. Godin argues that the internet has allowed us to join groups of people who have the same ideas and values as we do.  Combined the group is much more effective at creating change than any single one of it’s members.
  8. Stress – Where it comes from, why we experience it and a bunch or stories in between.  Everyone needs to understand the implications of too much stress, so download.
  9. Do Schools Kill Creativity? – Sir Ken Robinson entertains the crowd the entire time he makes a compelling case for fostering creativity in our schools, rather than the opposite which is happening all too frequently in our schools today.
  10. Killing Babies, Saving the World – this one is number one because it was the first Radiolab podcast I’d heard and immediately I needed more.
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