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I saw (and RT’d) an offer from The Phoenix Group to do a “Quick Social Media Analysis” for your company to the tune of $900.  At first I was happy!  “Finally, the biggest agency in Regina is doing more social media, YAAAA!”  White doves were released in the air and a small baby penguin was born.  Then I read on…

All they focus on are what people are saying about you or your brand.  That’s not social media, that’s one small component of the new media revolution.  And furthermore, you can find out what people are saying about your brand using a neat little tool called Social Mention, for free.  That’s right, I just saved you $900.  Go to Social Mention and check it out, while you’re at it, plug your website into WebsiteGrader.com, your Twitter handle into Tweet Grader, Klout.com and see what comes up.

I don’t believe understanding what people are saying about you is an intricate step in your online marketing strategy, first you must understand what it takes to be a social organization.  If you still think social media is “joining the conversation” and “listening to what people are saying about you” you’ve missed the boat.

Anyone who understands social media should give you a free assessment of your online presence, not just a ‘quick’ analysis of what people are saying about you.  If you want to discuss your online marketing give me a call (535-9697) or Tweet me (@jephmaystruck).  You shouldn’t have to pay $900 for something that is essentially free.

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