Some People Will Always Hate You

We should all strive to get more feedback in our day to day but there is some feedback you shouldn’t listen to.

When South Park had it’s first focus group test at Comedy Central it set a record for only scoring 1.5 out of 10 with women.  Three of the women in the group cried they hated it so much.  Yet South Park went on to be one of the most recognized cartoons out there, and they are still creating more episodes to this day.

Hate the show?  Many people do.  Also, many people love South Park.  If you can’t please everyone (no one can), you may as well try to make a certain group of people love you.  Don’t take it personal, but as long as you’re doing something significant in this world, some people will always hate you.

Photo Credit: SouthPark Wallpaper

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