What we take for granted

Helping out at Regina’s Canada Day in Wascana Park I met a young gentlemen who was volunteering for the day.  Blain, a quick-whited kid, just a bit younger than myself, had an adorable dog named Dewey with him at all times.

Just after sunset in the park, a man rushed over to Blain and I, he had a severe problem on his hands.  Here is how the he started the conversation, “I have to go to the washroom but when you close the outhouse door you can’t see anything in there and the Legislative building is locked, I need to go to the washroom, what should I do?!?”   Without missing a beat in a condescending tone Blain snapped, “well I could guild you!”  Trying as hard as I could not to laugh at what just occurred in front of me, I helped this guy explore his washrooms options, apologized to him for not having lit outhouses,  and he went on his way.  It was a very interesting moment for me.

You see, Blain is blind but that doesn’t really stop him from doing anything.  He can golf, get to and from places on his own (via talking GPS device), volunteers in the community and can go to the washroom in the dark on his own.  Blain doesn’t complain very much and he makes the most out of life.  I think if we saw the world through Blain’s eyes we wouldn’t be so quick to complain over a dark jiffy biffy.

So smile, we have it pretty good.

Photo Credit: Steven Wilde “Fireworks” from the Regina Canada Day Facebook group
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