20 commercials that went viral

1.  Volkswagen – The Fun Theory – Finally a car commercial that isn’t like every other car commercial

2.  Domino’s – The Pizza Turnaround – a longer video but worth a watch, tells a great story about how Domino’s is changing their pizza

3.  Aides – Graffiti – a different way to go about Aides awareness

4.  Coca-Cola – Happiness Machine – this theme is growing and it’s obvious why, making people happy and filming it works

5.  Bud Light – Clothing Drive – even online the beer companies can usually come up with very entertaining material and this one is no exception

6.  Burton – Shaun White Double McTwist – sports theme and an amazing feat

7.  Pedigree – Dogs – some amazing camera work

8.  Tropicana – Arctic Sun – great story

9.  Heineken – Men With Talent – again, the agency’s on beer commercials do a great job

10.  Nike – The Secret Behind Nike Air – must watch for any Nike lover out there, you’ll actually laugh out loud

11.  TomTom – Behind the Scenes of Darth Vader’s Voice Recording – the best part about this one is that you can actually get a TomTom GPS device with a Star Wars voice

12.  Toyota – Toyota Sienna “Swagger Wagon,” – I’m a big fan of car commercials that standout, this one sure does

13.  Arriva Movia – Mukthar’s Birthday – Better Bus Ride – a tear jerking story about the best birthday present ever

14.  Hi Tec – Walk on Water (Liquid Mountaineering) – a surreal moment when you watch this one, unbelievable

15.  Microsoft – Giant Waterslide – you will probably watch this again and again and still try to figure out how they did it

16.  Red Bull – Times Square Pit Stop – Redbull always seems to find a large audience, this is no exception

17.  National Geographic – Deadly Predator – an amazing story

18.  Doritos Canada – The Taste-Test Whistleblower – one of my personal favorites, be sure to turn the sound down if you’re at work

19.  Inspired Bicycles – Danny MacAskill – some of the most amazing biking I have ever seen

20.  Boone Oakley – BooneOakley.com – this may be the best video showcasing what a company does that I have ever seen

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