How To Set Up Your RSS Reader

Setting up your personal RSS reader will make you smarter.  Consuming content you want in an easily accessible and readable manner is invaluable to your growth in the information economy.

Go to  Click the register button, or login with Facebook.

Fill our the registration form.


Your home screen on Netvibes should look something like this.  You can delete any widgets by clicking the “X” button shown below.

To add new content click the big green button in the top left-hand corner.


After clicking the “Add content” button, click the “Add a Feed” button shown below.

To add a blog to your reader follow these instructions on any website that has an RSS feed and you can add that websites’ feed to your reader.

For example we’re going to add the RSS feed from The New Yorker.  Go to


Scroll down till you find the orange RSS button.  Click it.


This screen will come up.  Copy the URL that is in your browser.


Go back to your Netvibes screen and paste the URL into the “Add feed” box.


A box will appear with the Feed you added, click the “+” sign in the box to add the feed to your reader.

Now you can add any RSS feed to your reader you want.  You can find better articles, better news sources, and the most recent information on any given topic.  You can read more, faster and it’s free.  Learn how you want to learn.


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