Harry Carry Talking Twitter

Harry Carry Talking Twitter is filmed in front of a live studio audience:

If you are struggling with what to share on Twitter just share the most important parts of your day.  If it’s not going to provide value, change my mind, help me out, teach me something, inspire me, make me cry or make my laugh then you probably shouldn’t share it.

I know someone is going to say, “but Jeph, you share a lot of stuff that isn’t important, you’re a hypocrite!”  Simple response: shut up.  Actual response, I never share something that I think would be boring, I reply to others for the most part and any Tweet directly about myself is usually something spectacular, funny, or interesting that I couldn’t keep a secret from my followers.

I love the quote, “I don’t Retweet you because I like you, I Retweet you because I love my followers.”

Make sense?  No?  Why not?

Thanks to Riley at Living Sky Media for putting this delightful video together.
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