Why Politics Suck

Politics in Saskatchewan suck right now.  Telling me how bad the other party is doing is not a good strategy to gain my trust in your party, let alone vote for you.  If anything it pisses me off enough to purposely vote against you.

Why does your party’s marketing suck?

As soon as we find out what political party you are affiliated with we don’t trust you because of course you’re going to have a biased opinion.  You’re getting nowhere trying to tell me how bad the Government is and sorry “Save Our Saskatchewan Crowns”?  How about save union dues by not using the money on scare campaigns that have no validity.  Grow up and start marketing smarter.

So how should political party’s market themselves?

Stop telling me how bad the other party is and start telling me about your accomplishments.  Show me examples of your leadership style, gain my trust from what you’ve done, show me some vision of what you think you could do.  For crying out loud keep it positive!

If you ever want to attract the vast majority of the young vote (18-30 year olds) you have to talk to them on their level.  I’m sorry I have to say it.  Voting isn’t cool right now. Most people don’t care because political party’s talk like political party’s and not like human beings.  Be a person before a politician, give me a reason to trust you, and don’t talk about policy and unfulfilled promises, we just assume you’re lying anyway.

It’s time to rethink how you market your political party.

How would you change how political party’s market themselves?

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