Episode #10 – Why Earls Is The Best, an Interview With Jim Demeray

Episode 10 – Why Earls is Better, an Interview with Jim Demeray

In episode 10 I talk to Jim Demeray (follow Jim on Twitter or see Jim’s MySpace Page).  He’s the managing partner at the Earls Vic East location.  I met Jim in University and he always was a little different, a little weird.  In a good way.

I always looked up to Jim because he had an amazing gift of entertaining people back in University and he still does to this day.  He’s a natural entertainer.  Couple a shining personality with a strategic thinking mind that’s constantly learning and you get a brilliant leader and partner in Earls Vic East restaurant.

Running Time: 36:09

In this episode:

  • Where did Jim Demeray come from
  • What was he like as a kid.
  • How did he become to social butterfly he is today
  • How people like Derek Wu, Jim Christie, and Colter Wood influenced Jim
  • Mirror neurons
  • What was Jim like in elementary school (he liked girls)
  • How confidence builds as you mature – “A kid on a play ground in grade three could have the same level of confidence as a marketing manager in a board room, in comparison to their peers.”  Confidence is relative.
  • “You should choose to hang around with people you look up to.”
  • How do you run Earls differently?
  • How did the Earls Partner Awards (EPA’s) start?
  • How he helped open three additional Earls restaurants in Canada and the US.
  • Earls Vic East on Twitter (@EarlsVicEast)
  • Does Earls Advertise?
  • How did you build the team you have a Earls right now?
  • What he believes in the hierarchy of traditional management
  • What do you want to do in the future?
  • Other than work what else Jim loves to do
  • What should people think of when looking at choosing their career? – “Put the company before yourself.”


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