Episode #9 – Who Tweets For The @ReginaPolice?

Episode 9 – The Friendliest Twitter Handle in the World, The Regina PoliceIn Episode 9, I have the pleasure of talking with Kaeli Madill, you probably know her better as, @ReginaPolice on Twitter or Regina Police Service on Facebook.  She’s absolutely brilliant.  She has a wonderful personality and her passion really shows in everything she does.  Talking to her in person, you instantly realize she loves her job, she’s fun, smart and really wants you to think of your Police force in a positive, friendly light.

I think this is such an interesting example of how to use Social Media for good, because Kaeli is putting a positive face on an organization that for as long as I can remember does not have a great reputation in the community.  I mean, how can you like the Police?  They are the law enforcers, they give you tickets and tell you what to do.  But every single one of those officers are people too.  They have feelings like the rest of us and I think Kaeli has changed the way I look at Police officers and the Police force in general.  They are now very much an integral part of our online community.  The Regina City Police are very lucky to have Kaeli on the force.  I absolutely love her motto for Social Media: “Be a human and don’t be a jerk.” Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Running Time: 43:40

In this Episode:

  • Where did Kaeli Madill start?
  • Where did you work before at the Regina Police?
  • Did Eric Hosie run over someone in a school zone?
  • Can we get away with Texting/Tweeting while driving?
  • How does the Police use Twitter?
  • Has Twitter been affective for the Police?
  • How does the Police use Facebook?
  • How does the conversation on Twitter and Facebook differ?
  • How did you get permission to Tweet and post on Facebook for the Police?
  • Do you know of any other Police force using Social Media like you are? (She gives some REALLY interesting examples here)
  • Her two overarching values of how Kaeli uses Social Media  (Be a human and don’t be a jerk)
  • What do you do when someone posts a negative comment?
  • How do you define success? (she gives an amazing answer)
  • Traditional “exposure” vs. Facebook “exposure” cost per 1000 impressions
  • “If we’re not talking about us, who is?” -Elizabeth Popowich
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