Love Marketing, Hate Bad Marketing

The more I talk to people about online media the more questions arise on how companies are using the internet for marketing means.  Over the past year I have put together an entertaining and informative presentation on the Art & Science of Being Online.

Is your organization ready to fundamentally shift how you perceive marketing?  Because I’m ready to take you on this fascinating journey.  I bet you’ll learn something and chuckle once or twice along the way.

The presentation usually* covers:

  • A brief of history of media (understanding why it is changing)
  • Statistics on where the internet is today
  • A few take-a-way’s that will make you a better online communicator
  • Then stories (cases) about how local and international companies are using online media as a means of marketing and communication.

I say usually covers because I change the presentation up a bit each time to ensure it’s relevancy.

I love marketing but hate bad marketing.  I am very passionate about this industry and I want to ensure that you, as a marketer, are well informed.  I am very open and honest about marketing so expect me to be blunt and tell it like it is.

If you have any questions about the presentation fire away: or 306-535-9697

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