6.5 Tips For Your E-mail Newsletter

1.  Give me something I can’t find anywhere else – If it’s how you write it, your opinion on your industry, a special monthly video, whatever, just give me something I can’t find anywhere else.

2.  Pay attention to detail – Spelling, grammar, design etc. all reflect how much effort you put into your newsletter.  If your newsletter doesn’t look appealing what are the odds I’m going to make it through your run on paragraphs and cheesy 1990’s style of design?

3.  Don’t waste my time – Everything you include in your newsletter ask yourself. “If this was someone else’s newsletter, would I want to read it?”  Be critical of yourself or find someone who will be without hurting your feelings.

4.  Make the contents “sharable” – Make for dam sure that if you want me to share something on twitter or Facebook that it’s under 120 characters so that I can easily paste it into Tweetdeck.  If it is longer than 120 characters put it in a blog post as well and offer the shortened URL.  The easier it is for me to share the better chances I will.  This point is often over looked.

5.  Don’t be afraid to have some fun – Make me smile while reading, bonus points if you can make me laugh.  One of the funniest people on Twitter is a local person who just gives her opinion on Twitter.  It’s alright to have a sense of humor in a newsletter, if Lise had a newsletter I would definitely read it.

6.  Reward your subscribers from time to time – Give them something, run a contest.  Involve them in your brand some how without selling them something.  You will only understand this point when you try it.  Humans love contests.  Now go make someone’s day.

6.5.  Make sure I can sign up very easily – This is only a point five point because it’s a small but over looked aspect of your newsletter.

What do you think should be added to this list? Be a dear and comment below!

Or if you think newsletter’s are boring you can check out the top 20 viral commercial’s I found.  Thanks for stopping by!


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