The Second Bridging the Media Gap Award

The ‘Bridging the Media Gap’ award goes to organizations that are utilizing online media in conjunction with their traditional media campaigns.

Our first winner was Domino’s Pizza with the “Show Us Your” television commercial.

The Second Bridging the Gap Media Award goes to:

Unexpected for a billboard advertisement in Regina that is just a URL and a picture.  Normally I still wouldn’t look up a site that I saw on a billboard, but a banner ad on a local site displayed the same picture.  It was fate, I had to see what Unexpected was.


It’s a Travel Manitoba initiative featuring and assortment of videos on places in Manitoba you rarely get to see, and I think it’s smart.  It allows the viewer to see a completely different side of Manitoba, focusing on the extraordinary vacationing destination.  I even took it a step further to see how easy it would be to book a vacation in one of these exotics Manitoba getaways featured in the videos on the site (I didn’t actually book one) but the process to do so was quite simple.

Congratulations Travel Manitoba, you look good!

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