The Rise and Fall of Online Empires: Will Facebook Survive?

I find it fascinating that the average online company (in this comparison) has an 11 year life span and Facebook is in it’s 8th year of existence.

Below is an infographic of the historical depiction of the life cycles of six (at one time) empires of the online world. (Aol, Yahoo!, Alta Vista, Myspace, Digg, and Facebook).

I still use Facebook regularly, but I find myself unsubscribing from people more and more trying to ensure only the people I really want to here from get my attention in my timeline.  Facebook has lost a bit of it’s luster to me.

I don’t think Facebook’s days are numbered though, 80% of their is 845 million user base is from outside of Canada and the US.  Even if we’re using it less now and it no longer provides the utility it once did, Facebook as a company will continue to thrive for years internationally.  That doesn’t mean they’re immune to the ever changing landscape of how we use the internet.  The Titanic was said to be unsinkable. Facebook still has three years left before dreaded year 11.


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