Real-Estate Agents on Twitter

You know what really grinds my gears?  When people try to sell something on Twitter. A growing culprit of this? Real Estate Agents.  No, they’re not the only ones but why do they insist to put their listings on Twitter?  Does anyone else tweet about their products including the price?   Have you ever sold a house via Twitter?  It just seems ineffective and lazy.

There are many different things you can do on Twitter I just don’t think selling or bragging about the thousands of houses you sold last week are giving the best impression to your followers.

So what could you be doing on Twitter?  Offer me something no other Real Estate Agent can.  How about you tweet your favorite Real Estate blog post each day.  Offer me housing tips that will help me save money or time.  Offer me your expert advice on buying a house, get into detail and really create a digital asset that can help many other people in the Regina market.  Forget selling houses for a day and help others with whatever it may be they are tweeting about.  There are many options of what you can do on Twitter, just don’t try to sell me a house.

Finally, here is an example of a Real Estate agent who got creative with a video camera and offered something different to his followers (click the picture to watch the video):


Twitter is not a one way communication medium, it’s a conversation medium, use it wisely.

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