The Second Annual Coveted Cup

There’s an event that happens every July in Regina that would give Chuck Norris a boost of Testosterone.

The Coveted Cup:

20 guys, 10 teams, 3 days, 6 sports, 2 champions that get 363 days of the best bragging rights ever.

We start off the weekend with a home run derby.  Second comes the beer dart tournament after a friendly BBQ.  Saturday morning comes quick if you’re not prepared, 9:00am head to the beach volleyball court for some early morning two on two.  Break for lunch then off to the tennis courts for a four hour long debacle, people say it’s comparable to a tournament called Wimbledon.  Nicknamed “Slaughtering Saturday” because of the fierce competition endured, we wind down with good ol’ poker tournament.  The final event of the weekend is out at the beautiful Dear Valley Golf Course.  Oh I forgot to mention, the last placed team gets kicked out of next year’s Coveted Cup.

A portion of our entry fee goes to Kidsport, so we are giving back a little as well.

The scoring algorithm  our good friend Trevor Galon came up with would rival that of university mathematician.   Trevor plans the entire Coveted Cup and our hats go off to him for one of the best weekends of the year.

2010 Winners:

Home Run Derby: Baron/Badger

Beer Darts: Baron/Badger

Beach Volleyball: Bozak/Solomon

Tennis: Baron/Badger

Poker: Tran/Rink

Golf: Galon/Maystruck

Overall Champions:


*Lausch golfed with Badger instead of Baron.

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