I Want to Work With You, Maybe?

I don’t sell on my blog usually, I think that’s tacky, but there comes a time when one must reach out to their community and ask for help.  And I may not necessarily be able to help you or your company, but if you know of someone you think that could use my services, please let them know.

Any way you can help spread the word I’d very much appreciate it!

If you don’t know already, I left Fraser Strategy late in 2011 to do my own thing, and I’m sure some of you have wondered what it is I actually “do”, after struggling for three years I’ve finally figured it out.

I help companies tell their story online.  I give people the tools to measure what they’re doing so they make better, more informed decisions in the future.

I help people do amazing things online.

A lot of what I do is not marketing but customer service.  The marketing industry has seen many changes recently and I don’t think it’s about to slow down any time soon, I help you navigate through this ever changing marketing world.

I’ve been working with the fine folks at Highland Mortgage Partners for the past few months helping with their marketing (and they’re doing some amazing things) but now I am looking to help more people.

What do I cover with my clients?

  • A better way to find information (educating yourself faster and more efficiently)
  • Social strategy (Why and how to use: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, E-mail)
  • Content strategy (Why you need to be blogging, video blogging, or podcasting)
  • Measurement Strategy (how you’re going to measure your efforts)
  • Online advertising strategy (Google Adwords overview, Facebook Ads overview)

Every company is different and no two marketing strategies are the same.  Writing long, drawn out marketing plans is a waste of time and rarely get implemented.  Instead, I’ve found that setting short-term measurable outcomes that are aligned with your overall strategy is a much easier way to go about implementing your marketing tactics.  We develop the “plan” together and create a checklist of tactics to implement.  Then, meeting once a week for two hours creates a weekly time slot where we are actually creating, developing, recording, planning or scheduling.

In March, I’ll be looking for two new clients.  I have developed a methodology over the past three years that focuses on what is absolutely important to marketing your business.  We’re going to be meeting lots.  It can take anywhere from two to six months of weekly meetings to get you to the point of managing your complete online strategy.  And even if you never want to completely manage it, I’ve developed solutions to help you on a monthly basis.  To try it out it only costs you $1,500 and I’ll never make you sign a contract.

If you’re at all interested lets grab a coffee and chat (Email: JephMaystruck@gmail.com).  At the very least I’ll be able to tell you some fascinating things about your website.

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