Which Advertising Agency in Regina is the Most Social?

If you love marketing as much as I do you probably follow the Ad Agencies in town here quite closely.  Even more interesting is how they are adopting the online world of marketing, which lead me to a few questions I needed an answer to. “Which one is the best online?  Who’s the most social?  Who has an effective online strategy?” In this post I attempt to answer these.

To the agencies, please, please, PLEASE don’t be offended by this post.  My intent is not to offend but to understand how you think and where you are headed in your online strategy.  Also, if you finished last in any of the measurements maybe it’s time to start getting a little more social. 😉

The Agencies:

Brown Communications Group

MGM Communications

Phoenix Group

Bravo Tango

Look Matters

Adspark Communications

One the most universal website metrics on the internet is Google PageRank.  Named after Google co-founder Larry Page, Google PageRank assigns every website that Google crawls a number between 0 and 10.  The higher the number the more authority that website has on the internet (better the chance you are found via a Google search for a higher PageRanked site).


Website domains linking to your website are a very important factor in how you will rank in search engines.  Doing some research one can find the amount of linking domains to all these sites.  It shouldn’t surprise you that Look Matters with a Page Rank of 5 has the most linking to their site.  Nice work Look Matters!


The next metric I used was website grader.  It is a number between 1 and 100 determined by many factors that this tools measures on your website.  Find out your website grade at WebsiteGrader.com.


The next metric we use is BlogGrader.com to compare the effectiveness of each blog.  It’s pretty easy to see that the only two agency’s who have a below average Website Grade don’t have a blog either.  What a fascinating coincidence.  Adspark has the highest rated blog out of the agencies. (When I first compiled blog grade I used the number in Website Grader, if you dig deeper and view the full blog grader report the numbers are significantly different.  Thanks Dave Bellerive for catching this.)

Next we look at Facebook Likes.  I know Facebook Likes are not technically as good as a measurement as the online tools but hey, it’s tough to get people to like a business page, let’s see how the agencies stack up.


Adspark comes out of the woodwork here and take the most popular Facebook page.  Nice work fellas!

Finally we take a look at Twitter.  The two metrics we’ll use are TweetGrader.com and Klout.com.  Personally I like Klout much better.  The analysis of your Twitter account within Klout serves as a great benchmark of how effective you actually are on Twitter.


As you can see, Klout is a much more accurate scoring metric and I would suggest using it to benchmark your own progress on Twitter.  Even though Bravo Tango doesn’t have a blog or a Facebook page, they consistently engage on Twitter, being the only agency I’ve actually debated with a few times now.  A well deserved top Klout score for the Bravo Tango team.

I think it’s quite obvious who the least social agency is (ehem, MGM).  Look Matters takes the cake for the best website presence, best blog and with a great showing on Facebook. I think I have to give the most Social award to Look Matters.  I really like how Bravo Tango represents themselves on Twitter, for that I think they are would finish near the top.  But you can’t discount the fact that Adspark’s Facebook page is busy, also people are actually engaging on some of the posts on their wall.

It will be very interesting to do this report again in six months and see if any agency has made progress.

So what do you think?  How does your website stack up?  Are you more social than the agencies?

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