11 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Online Brand


  1. Write a review for a book you read on Amazon.
  2. Claim your company’s Google Place Page.
  3. Start a Twitter account and follow a bunch of  local people to understand what and why they are sharing things.
  4. Think of a past client or colleague who stood out doing amazing work. Write a recommendation for them on Linkedin.
  5. Comment on a local blog once a week.
  6. Offer to give your favorite vendor a testimonial for their website.
  7. Get a video camera and interview a different person at your company every Friday and ask them (not boring) questions about the company.  Post the video to your company’s Youtube channel.
  8. Use StumbleUpon to find a couple of fascinating, relevant articles for 2-3 of your close colleagues.  Find helpful articles and resources and share them with a different 2-3 people each week.
  9. Start a company Flickr account and post all photos taken from now on to the account.  Encourage employees to post photos as well.
  10. Partner with a local charity and hi-jack their Facebook wall for a week to do a fundraising drive.
  11. Go to SurveyMonkey and create a survey to garner feedback from customers on your product or service offering.

Have a quick tip at helping improve ones’ online brand?  Do share it in the comment below.


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