8 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

1.  The most important goal for search engine optimization is to get prominent websites to link to your website.  The more links, the more important your site, and up you climb the Google search results page.

2.  Semantic URL’s – Whatever the page is about, have those keywords in the URL.  Example:  The page on our website that talks about “Podcast” looks like this: https://jephmaystruck.com/podcast/ instead of the traditional https://jephmaystruck.com/main.php?page=8.  Make is easy for Google to understand what the page is about.

3.  Proper Title Tags – You see “Online Marketing & Strategy | Fraser Strategy”

is the title tag for this webpage.  Every webpage has them.  From the book Search Engine Optimization Secrets we learn that for competitive search engine results you should use your keywords first. Example: Keyword 1 – Keyword 2 | Brand name.  If you have a prominent brand that will rank well itself (University, Amazon, Nutella), you should put it first: Brand name | Keyword 1 – Keyword 2

4.  Twitter and Facebook are used in Googles search algorithm and are proving to be quite valuable.

5.  Facebook shares are the most important social sharing factor for influencing Google search result rankings.

6.  You must write compelling content, not for search engines but for humans.  Your goal should be to attract natural links, knowing that if people are linking to your content on their own, Google as well will rank your content higher.

7.  Keywords – yes you must use them but do not abuse them.  Whichever keywords are in your URL and title tags you should be using the same words on those pages.  You’ll hear a lot about “keyword stuffing” and trying to fool the search engines, I would shy away from these practices because the downside could be worse than you ever imagined.

8.  Trying different types of media on your site can have a large impact down the road.  Using Youtube, Flickr  and StumbleUpon can drive traffic to your site but still search engine traffic is by and far the most valuable to the vast majority of websites.

If you want more information on Search Engine Optimization check out Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide or for an even more in depth look try the SEOMoz Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization.

Have I missed any?  Please let me know what you’ve found that works well for your SEO efforts.

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