How Do You Buy?

Let’s do a little thought experiment here.  Think about when you want to purchase a big ticket item or hire an important service in your life.  How does it happen?  You realize you need insurance, an investment advisor, planning your next holiday, a new car. Will you decide to purchase  any of these items without looking them up on Google or somewhere on the internet?  If your answer is yes, I think you loosing out on some valuable information.

Comparing prices, service offerings, the value, you can find everything you want to know on the internet.  Just because people aren’t booking all their vacations online doesn’t mean they’re not looking up every detail of their vacation on Google.

The future of not only large ticket purchases but all purchases, is online research then buy on or off line. You’re naïve to think your industry us immune.

Here’s a short video of Mr. Mustacheo talking about how we buy products.

Thanks to Riley at Living Sky Media for putting this together for me.

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