How To: Make a Memorable Presentation

How do you make sure everyone who attends your presentation remembers it?  By throwing $5 bills attached to DirectWest footballs of course.  At an SGI Canada Insurance Brokers conference, I gave a workshop that was much longer than my usual forty-five minute talk.  I didn’t want people to get board and I wanted them to remember what I was talking about, so I incentivized them to pay attention.  By Paying them.  Here’s a video from the presentation:

No one will ever tell you to give prizes away during your presentation but I’m going to give you a little secret. Sssshhhhhh don’t tell.

People like getting things for free, they like answering questions for prizes and even if they don’t like your presentation topic they will have to listen so they can get a prize.

The next time you give a presentation don’t be afraid to give something away.  Usually for keynotes I try to give a $20 bill away to the funniest Tweet during my presentation.  You wouldn’t believe the Tweets you end up getting.

Whatever you end up doing, strive to create a semantic marker in your audience’s mind so they will never forget you.

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Thanks to Riley (BBB) from Living Sky Media for putting the video together.
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