Monitor Your Brand With Google Alerts

I realize this probably should have been one of my first posts ever but hey, no ones perfect right?  Well, except for Tom Sellek.

Google Alerts are a way of monitoring the web for mentions of your company, brand, organization, competitors, boss’s name, competitor’s bosses name, and pretty much any other search term under the sun you can think of.  Whatever you want to monitor, Google will send you an e-mail every time a Google bot (what crawls web pages for Google) finds the word or phrase you set up for an alert. 

They are very simple to set up and are a huge benefit to monitoring what people are saying about you or your organization.

Go to Google Alerts ( and type any words or phrases you want to monitor on the internet. (I monitor our company name “Fraser Strategy”, my name, my blog, my bosses name and a few others terms)

You can monitor as many as you want, if it becomes too much all you have to do is click “Remove” alert at the bottom of one of the e-mails Google sends you and voila, it’s gone.

Did I mention it’s free?  Go now, start monitoring what people are saying about you out there, you never know just what you’ll find.

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