Episode #3 – Nothing’s Impossible, For The Regina Symphony Orchestra

Episode 3 of the Marketing Revolution Podcast – Nothing’s Impossible for the RSO <– Click Here

In episode 3 of the Marketing Revolution Podcast I talk to Taron Cochrane (@taron_cochrane), the self proclaimed “music fanatic” is the creative marketing and promotions manager of the Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO).  Taron loves music, it’s his passion and just talking to him for a few minutes you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice, music is a major part of his life.  Other than working for the RSO Taron also is a freelance writer for the Leaderpost, Horizon’s magazine and also is a graphic designer. See Taron’s Website.

Total running time: 49:30

In this episode:

  • Why they aren’t on Foursquare anymore.
  • Why they don’t have a blog…..yet.
  • How he does all this work within social media without a cell phone.  Yes, Taron doesn’t have a cell phone, I’ve made it a personnel goal of mine to get him a cell phone this year.  So Sasktel or Rogers, if you’re reading this, Taron would be a great guy to sponsor with a cell phone, he has a very loud mouth. (wink, wink, nudge, it should pretty obvious by now)
  • One of Taron’s biggest accomplishments of 2011 was being in the top 24 finalists in the SocialFresh.com contest for the Top Ten Twitter Brands of 2011.  An amazing feat being one of the only Canadian brands to make the list.
  • He tells a story about the legendary Walter Ostanek and how he tried to get Canada’s Polka King a Juno.  Using social media, Taron ends up on the CBC National, gives his Grandma a wonderful gift and receives a heartfelt thank you from Walter Ostenek him self.
  • He talks about the most important lessons he’s learned, “there is no such thing as a crazy idea” and “nothing’s impossible”.  These have been a part of Taron’s mantra when he goes about planning his social media strategy.  Taron has had many ideas, he tried many different things and to succeed online he believes you must try doing things outside your comfort zone.
  • In Taron’s opinion, the biggest thing to focus on in 2012 is to have a unique idea, to create something that no one else has ever done before.  Originality says a lot.

I ask Taron:

Taron really does go above and beyond for the RSO, they’re very lucky to have a guy with his skill set and ambition.  He’s a fascinating gentlemen, if you ever have the change to have a coffee of a beer with the man take it!  Also, I am looking into a cell phone sponsor for him, do contact if interested.


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