Episode #19 – Judging a Newspaper By Its Cover With Dan Nicholls

Episode #19 – Judging a Newspaper By Its Cover With Dan Nicholls

I met Dan Nichols when he was working at Squareflo a long time ago, we have a lot in common and think the same about a lot of things so we’ve been great friends ever since.  Dan has since moved to the fine offices of Oh! Media (a division of Phoenix Group Advertising), a website design and development company in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Dan does amazing things with websites, he’ll be an asset to any company that he works with. A programmers mindset with the humor of Jack Black crossed with Ashley Schaeffer around the office (yes, quite the hilarious combination).  Dan is a great friend to have.

Besides “work” Dan’s a great guy to party with.  He’s been known to blow an amp or two while singing Kareokee (because of the magical sound) and frequents music shows on the regular.  Also, Dan does have one of the best Twitter bio’s around, check it out.

Follow Dan on Twitter – @dannicholls

We have some wonderful conversations, here’s one we recorded.

Running time: 20:20

Meet Dan Nicholls.

  • What do you think of all the print publications popping up all over Regina?
  • The nine print publications in circulation in Regina (Leave a comment if we left one out): Metro, Verb, Prairie Dog, City Slicker, QC, The Sunday Post, Fine Life Styles, Business Regina, LeaderPost
  • How do you filter out the good from the bad content?
  • Judging a book by it’s cover, or an article by it’s headline.
  • Will people who can write a catchy headline or convey a lot of mean in 140 characters increase in value to companies?
  • Will we see a change in creative departments of adding more creatives that can think in Tweets and headlines?
  • Why Twitter is replacing many uses of print publications as a news source.
  • What is the future of the younger generation? How will older generations keep up with the speed of society?
  • As a side note, I do not believe ALL people over the age of 50 have no specialized knowledge other than experience in their field, please don’t take my comments to heart, of course there are exceptions to the rule.
  • Do we believe the misconception of the always connected, always on world is making our children dumb?
  • I’m pretty sure my parents told me as a kid that TV would make me dumb, are we going through the same phase? Parents think the internet will make kids dumb because they don’t understand it?
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