Episode #15 – Everything You Wanted to Know About Why HR Sucks – Featuring Jillian Walker

Episode #15 – Everything You Wanted to Know About Why HR Sucks Featuring Jillian Walker

One day last year I began following this HR professional from (Calgary at the time) now Vancouver.  She sounded smart, shared a lot of great content, and actually talked to other people!  She had me at retweet, I was sold.

I end up in Vancouver just before the Grey Cup last year and thought I’d throw a Tweet out there to see if this mystically smart, yelling in her avatar, Vancouvian influencer, would go for supper with me. She did have to verify I wasn’t just a Tweetin’ creep through a mutual friend, Kendal Harazny, his referenced checked out though. (thanks Kendal)

I’m fascinated with Ms. Walker, she has already done so much, and she’s very smart to talk to.  A strong work ethic and a wonderful personality make for a very accomplished Human Resource (HR) professional who’ll end up changing our world for the better.

Visit Jillian Walker’s website here

Running time: 46:29

In this episode:

  • Where Jillian came from and where she resides now.
  • How we first met (she wore “pleather” pants).
  • Where she first worked in a corporation and how it taught her a very important lesson.
  • How she became the “Gen Y HR girl”.
  • How she won a much more valuable prize than money in a video contest (the prize was 5 one hour meetings with 5 CEO’s of National and International companies).
  • A shout out to KPMG for the kind words from the CEO.
  • Why doing informational interviews is a good idea and why more people should take the initiative.  Especially if you want to understand a company more thorough.
  • The story about why sometimes you just need to haul ass.
  • Why she doesn’t want to grow her business, seriously, she doesn’t.
  • What business owners, CEO’s and executives need to know about HR.
  • What the future of HR and it’s practices will look like.
  • Why the future of HR should not be left in the hands of HR minded people but instead, business minded people.
  • It’s time for a major change in the Human Resource industry.
  • If you are a candidate for a job you can assume some one Google’d you and looked up your Facebook profile.
  • Google and Social Media platforms are more of an opportunity than a liability if you’re a candidate for a job.
  • Why guys should be aware of the length of their pants when dressing up.  A warning from Jillian.
  •  What Jillian does in her spare time (if she actually does have spare time)
  • Where she writes online
  • Her Social Media Policy where you can learn where to connect to her.  Follow her on Twitter here.
  • A lesson from the show The Real Housewives of Vancouver.
  • She gives some very smart advice at the end; “Just be yourself”. You are the sum of the five people you hang around with the most”.
  • “If one person learns, you’ve done your job.”

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