Episode #14 – A Website Overnight With NorthWorks

Episode 14 – A Website Overnight With NorthWorks.ca

Live from Smitty’s in the Golden Mile, I talk to Brandon Wu about his company and how he got his start.

I’ve known Brandon for at least Seven years now, though we didn’t start our friendship off on a positive note.  I remember in fourth year university I was talking to people about going to the next Business Students Society event and Brandon didn’t like it.  We had somewhat of a heated debate, I called his brother up immediately and proclaim to Derek that his brother was a “bitch”.  It wasn’t long after a few conversations with Brandon and Derek, and several BSS events later, I think he changed his mind and Derek and I both agreed that brandon wasn’t actually a bitch.

Brandon has always been a thinker.  Always learning a new skill set or developing his next entrepreneurial idea, I think he’s really found a niche in building amazingly affordable websites.

Running time: 21:32

In this episode:

  • How he got started in website development (The beginning of NorthWorks)
  • The first website he was a part of; ThePoutine.com
  • How he builds websites
  • Why he uses WordPress
  • Why the websites Brandon creates are cost effective and a smart choice for small business owners
  • What does the future of website development hold?
  • What will websites look like in the future?
  • What Google likes in a website
  • Why NorthWork’s website’s are incredibly user friendly to update
  • How his remarkably fast turn-around on completing your website will be a competitive advantage over time
  • Why he doesn’t want to do large, high maintenance websites

Brandon’s company NorthWorks Web Design and Development

Follow Brandon on Twitter @Brandon_Wu

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