Complaining About The Inevitable

“Our kids are going to be ruined!  All they do is text, Facebook and Youtube all day.”  “This generation is growing up to be stupid!”.  “Whatever happened to talking in person and going an hour without checking your cell phone?”.

People (dare I say older generation) love to complain about how “dumb” this generation growing up is going to be.  Lets stop for a second and try to understand what they’re really complaining about.  Kids (and some adults) are constantly connected to their friend (influence) circles through cell phones and laptops.  Always texting, Tweeting, or Facebook Pokin’.

Is this really a bad thing?  I mean, I gave and received my fair share of paper ‘notes’ back in the day, I sure as hell would have appreciated SMS and BBM.

Do they actually think technology or technology adoption is going to slow down any time soon?

Instead of complaining, do you think they’d picket Facebook headquarters to try get them to shut down? Or better yet, try to get the internet shut down?  Could they make cell phones regulated or get rid of them? Good luck with that.

Do they really think Facebook is going away?  Do they think they can take every cell phone away in class, every day?

You can’t stop the inevitable.

Technology is here to stay and moreover it’s going to keep adapting and innovating to try and get more kids using electronic devices.

I’m sorry, but complaining about how kids communicate today makes you seem ignorant.

Why can’t we as a society accept that technology will inevitably keep progressing at a faster rate?  Gordon E. Moore, (Co-founder of Intel) in 1965 identified in a paper what we would later call “Moore’s Law”.   He theorized that the number of transistors on a chip doubles every eight-teen months.  Thus the progression of technology (processing speed, memory capacity, number of pixels in digital cameras) will grow at exponential rates.  He was correct.  Our technology is consistently getting more and more efficient and will continue to at an increasing rate.

Even if you completely disagree with an “always on” world, there’s no way you’re going to stop it.  It sounds like Ol’ Jed who loved his horse n’ buggy, and said what dumb idea the “motor vehicle” was.  We all know where Jed ended up.

Be careful when speaking about technology.  We’re always attracted to what makes our life easier and more efficient.  For kids, that’s texting, Facebooking and Youtube.  The sooner you accept that fact, the sooner you can begin to understand the world through their eyes.

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