I love sushi.  My favorite place is Wasabi at the Normanview crossing.  The other day I wasn’t sure what time they closed so I decided to Google them.  I couldn’t find anything, not a phone number, address, nothing.  Now all I want is the basics; hours open, location, menu (with prices), God forbid a testimonial or two!  Go ahead, try find them on the internet.

I know they can get all this done with minimal to no work at all on their behalf for $1,000-$1,500.  So what’s stopping them? Probably the cost.  But if the average person spends a minimum $10 it would take 100 people who found their site online and convinced them to come thru the door to achieve the site’s break even point. What would you do?

They could take it one step further and have pictures of everything on the menu (their menu is HUGE) or have a Sushi tutorial, teach me about it, give me something more than I’d expect to find on their site. But first things first get a site.

The amazing thing about this Wasabi is that it has a beautiful interior and is the most inexpensive in town (unverified) but a bento box here is $9.99 and it’s delicious!  You can’t tell me more people wouldn’t go there knowing this and why not spread the word?  Start a Facebook group when you join you get 50% off your next visit, then at random once every month that same offer is sent out to all the group members. It might just work, but first they need a site.

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