Fight Club for Business

We have all heard about “the breakfast of champions”, Wheaties for most, but for some like my friend @rayderge prefer a Redbull and a cigarette.  Regardless it is difficult to pin point what a breakfast “of” champions would consist of so I say try a breakfast with champions. (I couldn’t call this post “Breakfast with Champions” because in my opinion I think it is far too cliche and has probably has been done before, Fight Club for Business, now that sounds much better)

Where you live there are many budding young businesses and business people out there doing the same old week in and week out.  So focused on the business they forget what is going on in the community and the businesses around them.  In today’s market collaboration is so prevalent it is amazing that this kind of thing has not spread more, but like they say “Fight Club wasn’t built in a day”.

I propose to you to start a breakfast Fight Club for Business.  Once a week get together for breakfast and talk about what matters to your company.  It doesn’t all have to be serious but it’ll give you a chance to understand what other businesses around your city are doing.  All right, this isn’t Toastmasters or Kinsmen club, this is different and there some rules so listen up:

Rule 1.  Don’t talk about Fight Club for Business unless the person you wish to talk to can benefit from what you are about to tell them.

Rule 2.  To join the Fight Club for Business you must sign up for a presentation on your own company.

Rule 3.  Presentations must not be completely serious and should be around the 10 minute range

Rule 4.  If you are caught stealing ideas or trying to sell too much or if you’re just flat out annoying, the group reserves the right to kick you out.

It will be interesting to see this come to fruition and I’ll be sure to update on the one we’re starting in Regina.  Please let me know if you have done this before or any feedback on the idea, I would love to hear from you.

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