Episode #18 – A Canadian Storyteller, Roger Currie

Episode #18 – A Blogger For Hire – Roger Currie

I met Roger Currie on the set of Access Communications “Talk of The Town” program.  Roger had talked to Jack Shaw (President of Crown Shred & Recycling) he just so happened to tell Roger about the new style of marketing Crown Shred has adopted by using Social Media (they were a client of mine last year).  Roger then invited me to talk Social Media on his show and a beautiful friendship was born.

I had a lot of fun on the show so I begged them to have me on again.  Since then I’ve done several more shows and even shot a pilot to a show I can’t tell you about.   HA!

Roger could keep a conversation on with a def blind mute if he had to.  Seriously though, this guy has skills, you’ll hear.  I’ve learned a lot from Mr. Currie in the short time I’ve known him.  I do believe he is one of Canada’s legendary story tellers.

Click here to visit Roger Currie’s Website.

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Running time: 14:10

In this episode:

  • Where is Roger Currie from?
  • What is the Roger Currie story?
  • How he just started a blog
  • The original Social Media, a story about Rotary
  • Who the most awe inspiring interview Roger ever did
  • Who was the biggest jerk to interview

I think Roger’s awesome, he’ll go down in history as the guy who gave me my start television.  All the best in Winnipeg Roger.

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