13 Reasons Why Letter-Board Advertising Sucks

If you’ve ever driven around Regina you’ve seen these ghastly sites many times.  They pull and prod your attention for a split second until you realize what you have found and quickly jerk your neck away, hopefully never laying eyes on one ever again.

Ok, they aren’t that bad but these fluorescent letter board signs are growing in numbers at an alarming rate.  Why?

Obviously it is cheap, and businesses are trying to get their message out to a local market but do they ever wonder if this hurts their brand?  Besides the signs not being on the “cutting edge” of artistic design, don’t you think you’d want to at least standout a bit?  I mean, the thirteen (13) photos posted here were all taken within a three block section of Rochdale Boulevard.  In less than one Kilometer you are shown thirteen different messages, what are the chances that you remember one?

They are not all terrible, I don’t mind giving away something free, just too much text on this one:


Subway’s not doing too bad either, that’s a pretty good deal for a sub.


The average driver has less than three seconds to get your message, how easy is this to read?


A personal favorite.  I wonder how the conversation went when they decided to go with this master piece;

“Everyone else on Rochdale has a sign”

“We should too, but lets be different.”

The lightbulb goes off.

“I got it!  Lets put our sign on a blue background, that’s sure to get attention!”  The result:


The ghostly 9 is a little creepy here:


Beginning to notice a trend of yellow, white and fluorescent pink by now.


This one gets the point across, if you’re searching for the most extensive 2 for 1 glasses offer anywhere.


Another good deal, my only complaint is where’s the fluorescent pink?  I don’t think a letter sign will ever be visually appealing.


Obviously the Pita Pit owners are in cahoots with the Denture Clinic, again personal favorite, love the blue.


If you do decide one of these signs is right for you, at least offer the correct phone number.


Too much writing and again, where’s the pink?


Short and sweet, good idea, I don’t mind what Arby’s is trying here but it seems as though Arby’s is cutting costs on their advertising by using this type of messaging.


This is troublesome, the BARGAIN! shop has on special right now, spring fashion and fun.  What if you enter the store and it isn’t fun?  Chuck E’ Cheese could use this, not the BARGAIN! shop.


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