I Would Do Anything For Likes, But I Won’t Do That

Businesses treat Facebook wrong.

No one starts a Fan Page and instantly has thousands of likes and people commenting on the wall regularly.  Facebook takes time, a lot of effort and you better have a plan.  99.999999% don’t go on Facebook to find a brand, company or product.  Even if I do find your brand and you some how enchant me into “Liking” your page I’m probably not coming back anytime soon.

Think of Facebook as a platform to communicate on, not a marketing strategy

Businesses need to understand that Facebook is a tool not a strategy.  No company is just amazing on Facebook without having some sort of wildly awesome product (ehem…. 22 Fresh).  Therefor before you enter the realm of  the all powerful Facebook be dam sure your product or service makes the cut.  Better be prepared to answer comments, talk to your fans and participate.  There’s nothing worse than a company that doesn’t take the time to monitor their wall.

It doesn’t begin with Facebook, it begins with a new philosophy about business.

If your communication strategy involves your company being social then Facebook may help.  But understand that these new platforms are unlike any media you have ever seen.  If you try the traditional marketing mentality of pushing a message to the largest amount of eye balls you’ve already lost.  Provide value, help people and over time you will organically gain trust from your fans.

Don’t get hung up on likes as a measure of your page’s success

Likes are a terrible measure of effectiveness because you may have 50,000 likes but if no one is talking to you or buying your product you may as well have a big ol’ pile of horse manure.  I’d rather have a few hundred (hopefully 1000’s one day) of extremely dedicated people that love what I share on my wall.  Setting actual business objectives helps guide where your efforts on Facebook should be focused and what goals to be set.

Just remember…

Your organization must be inherently social before your media follows suit.

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