Episode 17 – The Living Sky Media Conglomerate

Episode 17 – The Living Sky Media Conglomerate

I’ve known Riley for a while now and have been working with him for at least three years.  Riley has always struck me as a different kind of character.  Wait, how do I put it…..  Riley’s weird.  He’s an extraordinary individual, I’ve always said he’s a brilliant artist.  You won’t know exactly what I mean until you do a video with him and begin to understand why he so passionate about telling a story with film.

Riley’s been running his company, Living Sky Media since he finished University several years ago.  He’s filmed at the Olympics in 2010, did a tour of Saskatchewan with Scott Schultz last summer and last fall put together a very moving documentary on the housing problem in Regina.

I look up to Riley as an entrepreneur and an artist.  A very unique combination in the business community, and a reason that I believe Riley stands out.  He’s not like other companies and he’s an all around fun guy.  You can learn a lot from this young James Cameron.

The Living Sky Media Website

@LivingSkyMedia on Twitter

@AdamBurwell on Twitter

Running Time: 24:35

In this episode:

  • How did Living Sky Media start?
  • He has a film degree from the University of Regina
  • Why he wanted to do his own thing
  • Living Sky Media began in 2009
  • Where the idea of Living Sky Media came from
  • He was slow to get into HD
  • What is Living Sky Media doing these days?
  • Riley partnered with Adam Burwell
  • They just acquired a “Red cam”
  • What Living Sky Media actually does
  • What they’re working on currently
  • “Bridging The Gap” documentary
  • A couple of the fun projects he’s worked on.  Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and touring Saskatchewan with Scott Schultz
  • I ask him about the Saskatchewan Government taking away the film tax credit
  • What advice he’d give to someone starting out in the industry
  • What will come after HD
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