Case Study: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

What is it?

The Revelstoke Mountain Resort Facebook Page

How did I find it?

A couple friends and I are going snow-boarding this coming weekend and I wanted to see what people were saying about Revelstoke on Facebook.

Why is it important?

After reading posts on the wall like:


It’s hard NOT to go to Revelstoke.  I think this is the absolute definition of why Facebook can be so valuable if used correctly.  Relevant, authentic user generated content.

This is why online media is a better marketing tool than anything ever before it.  It’s authentic word of mouth on a platform available to almost the entire world.  I don’t want a billboard, a commercial or my mail telling me to go to your resort I want actual people that went to your mountain to share a video of their experience.

Do you think most companies can do this in some capacity on Facebook or another platform?

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