Challenging the Impossible

Just because no ones done it before doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  Our world loves to conform to what is proper and what is right.  I say standout, don’t conform, try something new, be different, challenge the impossible.  Why?  Because everything was impossible at one point before someone challenged it and prove it to be possible.

It can be very discouraging on the impossible path; it isn’t the norm so those that choose to challenge mediocrity are bound to face much ridicule.  Trying something new is always scary but to those who dare to push the limits await a substantial reward.  They are the trend setters, the leaders, the people that aren’t afraid to be wrong and without them our world would never progress.

If you’re one of these people good for you and good luck, if you’re not, maybe think twice about putting someone down for trying something new next time.

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