Why Twitter?

@JohncMayer: That cat from the “hang in there” poster just died. Makes a man just wanna give up.

11:33 PM Oct 15th from Twittelator

Twitter’s worth taking a look at just to hear what John Mayer has to say, yes it’s really him and he’s one of the funniest on Twitter (the “tweet” above is my personal favorite).

Twitter, the overnight sensation is quickly becoming the most popular social media platform out there.  I am sure many people still see it as a waste of time, and it can be, but it can also be a very useful tool.  Twitter is the fastest method of transportation for information.  Every “twitterer” wants to be the best and the best, tweet the most interesting, helpful stories or links the fastest.  So the most popular people on Twitter are the people with the best tweets, you get the picture?

To get you started on Twitter I have compiled a list of the people you should follow.  These are the people I interact with most often.  Set up an account and start following this list, it’ll sure bring some amusement to your day, also don’t forget to follow @FraserStrategy 😉

Funny tweeps

@johncmayer @TheOnion @shitmydadsays @danecook

Great Tweeters

@unmarketing @GuyKawasaki @jowyang @barrymoltz @chrisbrogan @IncMagazine @bcuban @MackCollier @freakonomics @tonyrobbins @jeffpulver @HubSpot @fastcompany @Mashable @freakonomics


@Reuters @HarvardBiz @OPENForum @nytimes

Local Organizations

@Squareflo @SaskSecrets @codaclothing @22Fresh @LivingSkyMedia

Local People

@AHiddy @Derekwu @dannicholls @KiriakoRegina @mcfarljo @kdeanglobal @Tylerwilox @greened @SeanStefan @brandon_wu @rayderge @ChelseaStulberg @JayNauta @Di_Stasi @lisemerle

Regina Agency’s

@AdsparkComm @TheBurningBird @Bravo_Tango @browncomm @LookMatters

I apologize if I’ve missed any big names, please comment below for others that you’d recommend following.

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