An Honest Car Shop?

Alas! My car troubles are solved, well for now.  Yes, I have found a car shop that is (or seems to be) honest.  Rochdale Autopro is the place and this is what happened.

My car needed the front wheel bearings changed so I took it in.  Four hours later the wheel bearings were in but they informed me they had installed the wrong model number and that they’d have to wait till after the weekend to get the right ones in.  I returned on Monday with my car, which had developed a very annoying noise from the front breaks.

Four hours later the proper wheel bearing were installed but the annoying squealing grew louder.  I was told they would find the noise and fix it at their cost if the noise didn’t go away.  It didn’t.

Now the third time in two weeks my car goes back to the garage.  They couldn’t find the squealing sound so the breaks were replaced, and to my delight they graciously covered the cost and installation.

Finally I have found a car repair shop that I can trust, though it was a few visits out of my way, covering the break pads made up for it.  Thanks Napa!

Keeping your customers happy is a great marketing strategy and finally your customers can tell the world how you did.  Click here to see what I wrote on about Rochdale Autopro.

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